What You Need To Know About Getting A Commercial Driving License

Obtaining a commercial driving license is a good way to open up job opportunities, but you may be surprised to learn how complex the rules can be. Before you apply for one, it's a good idea to familiarize yourself with what types of licenses apply to which jobs. These are broken up into Class A, B, and C, and it is wise to never assume one license covers all jobs. Let's take a look at what each one is for and how they might apply to your situation:

When To Replace Both Wheel Bearings At One Time

If you are having problems with one of the wheel bearings on your car, you might think that you should just have that one wheel bearing replaced. Just having one wheel bearing replaced is sometimes the best way to handle the repair. However, some people choose to replace both wheel bearings at one time, even if only one of the wheel bearings is giving them problems. This might be the right idea for you in these cases.

Signs That Your Car's Brake Calipers Need Attention

Even if you've just had your brakes serviced, you could still have problems with hardware, such as your caliper, at any time. When you have a problem with your caliper, then you could risk having serious braking problems. Here is more information on how calipers work and the warning signs that they are failing so that you can recognize the need for their repair as soon as possible. How a Caliper Works

3 Reasons To Clean Your Fleet's Windshields Each Day

Each day, it's a good idea to clean the windshields of each of the vehicles in your company's fleet. Whether you do this yourself or have someone from your maintenance crew do it, it's something that's smart to do daily for a few reasons. 1. Make Sure Your Business Is Professionally Represented Your business is represented by the vehicles that you put out on the road. If you put out vehicles that have damaged or dirty windshields, damaged bodies or other visible damage and dirt, then it's going to make your business look less professional.

Why Is My Diesel Exhaust An Odd Color?

If you have a vehicle that runs on diesel fuel, then you probably understand that there are a variety of engine and fuel difficulties that can pop up. While many problems can be addressed by changing filters, other issues need to be investigated further. You can learn a lot about the potential issues facing your diesel truck by looking at the exhaust smoke. Keep reading to learn about a few smoke colors and what they may mean.