How Not To Drive To Protect Your Transmission

When it comes to a vehicle, few systems are quite as important as the transmission. Don't believe it? Find yourself with a failed transmission and see just how far you get – likely nowhere. Make sure you are not increasing the risk of your transmission failing by avoiding these common transmission-killing mistakes. Constantly Driving In Traffic If you live in a large metropolitan area, avoiding traffic might be a fairy-tale. However, if there is a way you can avoid the bulk of traffic from time to time, make sure you're doing so.

Four Things To Do When Your Check Engine Light Turns On

The check engine light is hooked up to a number of devices in your vehicle. For this reason, if your check engine light turns on, you need to know what to do to ensure that your vehicle continues to run properly. Here are four things you should do: Tighten the Gas Cap: Many people don't realize that the check engine can come on for the simple reason that the gas cap is not tightened enough.

The Auto Tech Trends That Will Add More Adventure To All Your Road Trips

There are people that love to travel and there are those that find travelling boring. With new technology, there are many options to make traveling for anyone more enjoyable. You may want to consider improvements like a center console control panel with navigation and more. Here are some of the auto tech trends that will make your travels more enjoyable: 1. Digital Displays for Center Consoles with All the Travel Data You Need

When Your Car Is Acting Strange: Problems That Could Indicate Transmission Trouble

If your car is suddenly making noises when you drive it down the road or you notice that your car is struggling to get into gear, this can mean your transmission is having trouble. While you should be able to expect close to 100,000 miles out of your transmission with routine maintenance, there are times when a transmission begins to have problems as early as 30,000 miles. Cars that are older usually have more trouble with transmissions than new cars, but if your car has a defective transmission, you can have issues early.

Is Your Car's Check Engine Light On? Here's What To Do

Decades ago, when the check engine light came on in a car, it meant there was a problem that needed immediate attention. Since cars became computerized, the light comes on any time the computer detects even the slightest malfunction. When the light comes on, you don't know if it's for something simple or something more serious. Since you don't know what's wrong, it isn't a good idea to ignore the light.