Want Your Transmission To Last Longer? Some Things To Do And Some To Avoid

Circumstances, fate, maintenance, lubrication, heat, and build quality all play a part in how long your car's transmission will last. While you cannot control fate or the build quality of the tranny, you can have something to do with the rest. If you want your transmission to last as long as possible, here are a few things you need to make sure you do and some that you need to avoid.

3 Warning Signs Your Car's Water Pump Is Failing

If you have noticed that your car is starting to run hot, you may wonder what could be causing it. If so, look for the following three warning signs that your car's water pump is starting to fail. Coolant Leaking from the Center Front of Your Car If your water pump has a crack in the casing or a broken seal, your car will start leaking coolant. At first, the leak may consist of nothing more than a few drops.

How To Sand Your Car Before Repainting It

Repainting your car is easier than you might think. With a professional-grade paint gun, which you can rent, you can apply a professional-looking new paint job. The guns have become more advanced and easier to use. One part of the job that is still difficult and time consuming is the preparation. In reality, preparing your car surface to be painted, using various sanding and buffing techniques, might take longer than actually painting the car.

3 Helpful Hints For Tinting Your Home's Living Room Windows

If you have decided to tint your living room windows to reduce glare and keep your furniture from fading, you may wonder if there are any tips that can help make the job easier. If so, use one or more of the following helpful hints for applying a tinting film on your windows. Spray Bottled Water On The Glass Before Applying Before applying the film, spraying a light mist of water on the glass can help keep the tint in place while you are working with it.

3 Maintenance Tasks That Can Prevent Your Car From Overheating

Becoming stranded on the side of the road can put you in a dangerous situation. Many drivers find themselves stranded due to a car engine that is overheating. Preventing your vehicle from overheating not only helps to ensure your safety over time, but it can protect your vehicle's engine from serious damage. Here are three simple maintenance tasks that you can perform to help keep your car from overheating in the future.