What You Need To Know When Taking Your RV In For Repair

Professional RV repair services often work exclusively on motorhomes, campers, and other RVs and their systems. While the engine, transmission, running gear, and even body repair can be on the list of offered services, specializing in the RVs makes these services better able to get your unit back on the road if something is not working correctly. 

Electrical Repair

The electrical system in your RV is complex, and often it requires the help of a professional RV repair service to correct issues in the system. Because the electrical system runs everything inside the RV and the chassis electrical for the engine and other components on the rig, it is critical that the repair tech working on it is experienced and knowledgeable about the electrical. 

In a large RV, there can be hundreds of wires running through the body and chassis to ensure everything gets the power necessary. Troubleshooting and repairs to the electrical system can take some time for RVs that are running but have electrical problems in the living area. Ignoring the issue could result in a short and potentially a fire that could destroy the RV or injury people in it.

Chassis Repair

The chassis and suspension system under large RVs often starts life as a truck chassis reconfigured to work with the RV body. Truck parts are often used because they are easy to get when repairs are necessary.

A professional RV repair service can get replacement parts from a local truck parts dealer or the factory dealer in many cases. This saves time and money when repairs are necessary, and if you can't find an RV shop nearby, you can take your RV to a truck shop. They will often be able to help get it running correctly for you.

Most RV manufacturers will list the truck model or information in the owner's manual, making it easier for the RV repair tech to determine what parts are needed if they need to replace steering, suspension, or driveline pieces during the repair process. 

Body Repair

The body of your RV may be aluminum or fiberglass, and damage repair can be challenging. A professional RV repair center can make body repairs if necessary, but they are typically expensive, and depending on the severity, can take some time to complete. 

Most RVs use flat panels that can be cut off and replaced, but the process can take some time. If the damage extends beyond the outer panel, you may need repairs to the structure, electrical, plumbing, or inner panels.   

Look to a professional RV repair service to find out more.