2 Reasons Why Regular Oil Changes Are Vital For The Health Of Your Car's Engine

When you own a vehicle, keeping the engine in optimal condition not only keeps you on the road but also increases its life. As part of the effort to keep your car maintained, you need to change the oil according to the manufacturer's recommendations.  While you may know this to be true, you may not know the reasons why fresh oil is such an important part of keeping your car's engine running.

What Causes Cars To Shake?

You'll need to contact an auto service shop if your car starts shaking while you're driving. In some cases, shaking occurs only when a car idles. But in other cases, cars shake while driving. In any case, finding out the problem is vital, as you must fix it. You'll need to hire a mechanic to locate and fix the issues. But here are some of the reasons cars shake. Tire problems