3 Signs of an Engine Issue

Having an engine issue is one thing you don't want your mechanic to tell you. The engine is the main component of your vehicle and one of the most expensive to repair and replace. An engine problem can sometimes be something very simple, such as a bad battery or an alternator, or it could be something much more complex, such as valve repairs or a complete engine replacement. If you have an engine problem, it's something you need to have looked into right away.

Mistakes to Avoid With Automotive Wheel Alignments

The angles of your wheels sometimes have to be adjusted, which is known as wheel alignment. It's a standard maintenance step for wheels, but still, you want to avoid these mistakes so that you don't have future wheel problems to deal with and pay for.  Not Aligning Enough Wheels You may feel pretty certain your wheels need to be aligned based on how your vehicle is performing, but don't just get by with the bare minimum.