A Tune-Up For Your Audi

One of the keys to keeping your Audi in to top shape is to schedule the right preventative maintenance. Most consumers and mechanics refer to this preventive maintenance as a tune-up. These tune-ups may cost you a few hundred dollars but save you thousand of dollars of costly repairs in the process. Last year, American drivers paid an average of $388 for a tune-up. However, not all standard tune-up maintenance performed is necessary.

When All Hail Breaks Loose: How To Protect Your Car From Climate Catastrophes

While the debate over global warming is heating up everywhere, no doubt remains about the damage all the wacky weather can do to your car. From a dead battery to dented roof, you need to do what you can to protect your vehicle. Here's how you and your car can survive: Extreme Warming According to some in the debate, the earth is getting warmer. If this is the case where you live, your vehicle can suffer damages inside and out.

While You're Here, You Might As Well... Get These Top 3 Repairs After An Accident

Getting your car repaired after an accident can feel like a huge headache, but it may actually be a blessing in disguise. Now that your car is already in the shop, this is the perfect time to do additional maintenance that you may have been putting off, since you might be able to get a discount for giving so much business to the mechanic. Here are some good optional repairs to add to your list.

Live In Your RV Full-Time? Here's What To Do If You Are Involved In A Collision

Living in an RV full-time is a dream that many people have but only a few get to experience. Unfortunately, the dream can quickly turn into a nightmare when the RV is involved in a collision. If you live in your RV, here are a few things you need to know in case your home is ever in an accident.  The scene of the accident You'll need to do the same things you would do if you were in an accident with a car:

5 Environmentally Friendly RV Upgrades For The Family

As new generations of children are born, it's important for parents to teach children about helping the Earth and protecting the environment. One of the best ways of doing this is by showing your children a variety of environmentally friendly products in your everyday life. When performing maintenance on the family RV, there are a number of upgrades you can implement. The following five options can help the environment and teach children important lessons at the same time.