Training To Become A Career Automotive Technician And Work In The Industry

For anyone considering a career in the automotive repair industry, a training program to become an automotive technician is a good starting point. Schools and programs are available that can prepare you to work on a variety of vehicles and help you get the certifications that repair shops and dealerships are looking for when hiring new technicians. 

Training Programs

When considering an automotive technician career, you will need the best education and training to be successful in the industry. Finding a program that teaches everything from basic repair and services to detailed engine and transmission system functions is an excellent place to start. 

The more training you have in the career field, the easier it will be to find auto technician jobs when you are finished with school. There are programs that offer training that starts at the basic level and, throughout the program, becomes more detailed and builds on the basic skills to ensure you learn everything necessary to work in the field successfully. 

Auto repair shops may look for training and certifications when hiring new technicians, so a school that offers ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) certifications as part of the program is often a better choice for anyone starting out in a new automotive technician career. Achieving these certifications is challenging, but if you can pass the tests and get the certificate, you can often land better jobs with higher pay earlier in your career. 

Job Placement

Automotive technician training programs often offer students job placement assistance when training is complete. The school may work with dealers and shops in the area to place new technicians with them, and some programs offer lifetime placement if you are a few years into your career and are looking for a change. 

Check with the school or training program you are considering to see what benefits are available to you. Do some research into the program and find out the success rate of new automotive technicians coming out of the program. Plus, an excellent way to narrow down the schools you are considering is if new techs were happy with their training. 

Career Options

Some new automotive technicians graduate from school and start working for a car dealership or a local repair shop, while others open shops of their own and start building a business with their new skills. How you use the training you received while in school is up to you to decide, but often getting some experience in an environment where other technicians are working can help in the beginning and may be the best way to get started in a career that will be fulfilling and last for many years.  

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