2 Reasons Why Regular Oil Changes Are Vital For The Health Of Your Car's Engine

When you own a vehicle, keeping the engine in optimal condition not only keeps you on the road but also increases its life. As part of the effort to keep your car maintained, you need to change the oil according to the manufacturer's recommendations. 

While you may know this to be true, you may not know the reasons why fresh oil is such an important part of keeping your car's engine running. Below are a couple of the reasons why changing the oil in your car regularly is vital for the health of the engine. 

1. Fresh Oil Has the Viscosity Needed to Keep the Internal Components of the Engine Well Lubricated

One reason why getting rid of the old oil in your car's engine and replacing it with fresh oil is important is that old oil starts to lose its viscosity. When the oil starts to thicken with age and use, it is unable to keep the internal components lubricated enough to protect them.

Because lubrication is important for protecting the gears, pistons, and other components against friction from movement, these parts will deteriorate when not kept lubricated. Making sure that fresh oil is kept in the engine helps to ensure the components are well protected and decrease the risks of breakdown from excessive friction.

2. Fresh Oil Helps to Draw Heat Away from the Engine and Its Parts to Keep Them from Overheating

Another reason why keeping your car's oil changed is important for the engine's health is that it keeps the engine and its parts from overheating. As oil passes through the engine, it not only lubricates the components, but it also draws heat away from the metal.

If the oil is old and has started to break down, it will no longer be able to hold the heat. If left for too long without fresh oil, the heat can warp the pistons and gears, and it could also cause damage to the heads and block.

When you neglect to change your car's oil, it loses the viscosity needed to keep the engine's internal components lubricated so that they do not deteriorate from excessive friction. Fresh oil is also needed to pull heat away from the engine and its parts to keep them from overheating. Take your vehicle to an automotive shop that offers car oil change service as soon as possible if it is overdue for this important part of keeping the engine maintained and in good condition.

To learn more about car oil changes, reach out to an auto service shop near you.