What Causes Cars To Shake?

You'll need to contact an auto service shop if your car starts shaking while you're driving. In some cases, shaking occurs only when a car idles. But in other cases, cars shake while driving. In any case, finding out the problem is vital, as you must fix it. You'll need to hire a mechanic to locate and fix the issues. But here are some of the reasons cars shake.

Tire problems

When a vehicle's tires have issues, it can cause shaking. For example, overinflated tires can lead to a bumpy and slightly shaky ride. Underinflated tires can also cause this problem. Additionally, cars might shake and vibrate when the tires are out of balance. Bad tires or tire problems are common causes of this issue. You can ask a mechanic to look at your tires if you think this is the cause. If this is the problem, the mechanic will fix it. Fixing it might require inflating the tires properly or balancing them. It might also require replacing the tires.

Suspension problems

Next, a car might shake from suspension problems. A car's suspension is a system that provides a smooth ride. It helps when you go over bumps or when you hit potholes. This system helps you have a smooth, even ride, as it absorbs the pressure when you hit holes and bumps. Your car's suspension system might require having some parts replaced. It might also require tire alignment services. A suspension system has many components working together to help your car drive properly and smoothly.

Engine issues

Additionally, your engine might cause your car to shake. The engine also contains many parts. Unfortunately, parts wear out or experience problems. When engine problems occur, they can cause the car to shake and vibrate.

For example, a loose part in the engine can move. When it moves, it makes it feel like the whole car is shaking. Additionally, a dirty air filter can block and restrict airflow. While you might not think this affects a car, it does. One effect is vibration from a lack of proper airflow.

Contact an auto service shop

Driving a shaking car is no fun, so you must contact an auto service shop if your car shakes. After all, this isn't a problem to ignore. Instead, you should have a mechanic evaluate your car to find the problem. Then, they'll fix the issue, leaving your car running well. For more information, contact an auto service shop near you.