Paintless Dent Removal (PDR): Why It Is The Best Way To Handle Dents

In all the damage a car might suffer, dents that haven't affected the paint can seem less significant than other mechanical problems. Besides, as long as the car can take you where you want, it doesn't matter if it looks damaged. However, dents come with numerous unwanted results, making it crucial to have them fixed by a professional auto body repairer. The auto body mechanic will perform a paintless dent removal which is fast, affordable, and worthwhile. Below are some reasons to consider this dent removal process.

It Is Slightly Intrusive

Normally, when your car gets a dent, you begin stressing about all the pricey repair processes. This is because you are used to the traditional dent repair process that entails doffing, sandpapering, and recoating. However, the good news is that with PDR, your car won't undergo all these procedures. The dents will be removed using special tools like a dent remover that uses suction and pressure. If your car has a dent, have a mechanic check it out and restore it.

Most Insurance Firms Favor It

Many insurance firms endorse PDR as the best dent removal procedure because it is affordable and fast. This process will also help you save money that would have otherwise been used on expensive dent repairs that don't add more value to your car. So, consider making an appointment with a professional mechanic to fix your car and help you file the insurance claim.

It Is Eco-Friendly

The best part about PDR is that it doesn't pollute the environment. No chemicals or harmful fumes are emitted during the process. On the other hand, traditional dent removal processes that entail sandpapering release poisonous chemicals into the air that can harm your health and pollute the environment. PDR is a more eco-friendly way when it comes to handling dents. Besides, it also prolongs the life of your car. Therefore, have a certified auto body repairer check the dent and perform a PDR.

Increases The Resale Value

The paintless dent removal process is slightly invasive. This makes it an excellent choice, especially if you plan on selling your car or trading your old one for a newer model. Keep in mind that any tinny dent, flaked coating, or rust can negatively impact the resale value of your car. Therefore, have an experienced auto body service expert examine the car and fix cosmetic problems to increase the resale value.

The paintless dent removal process is an excellent option. It is less intrusive, pocket friendly, and increases the resale value of your car. More so, an auto repair expert will get rid of the dents without affecting the factory polish. For more information on auto body repair, contact a professional near you.