Brake Maintenance That Will Help Keep Your Brakes Performing Their Best

The brake system on your vehicle is designed to efficiently and safely stop your car, and when they are in good condition, the brakes on your vehicle will work perfectly. Maintaining the system can help keep them performing the way they should, and a shop that offers brake services can help. 

Brake Inspection

It is crucial to have a repair shop that offers brake services to inspect the brake system on your car when you take it in for service. The brake pads and shoes should be checked, along with the condition of the rotors, brake drums, hydraulic hoses, and steel lines in the system.

Checking the system regularly is the most straightforward way to detect problems before they create an unsafe condition that causes brake failure in the vehicle. The brake inspection will only take a few minutes, and most auto brake services are happy to do it for a small fee, and some shops offer the checkup free of charge. 

Brake Cleaning

The brakes in your vehicle will create brake dust as the pads and shoes wear with use. Cleaning the system is vital because, over time, that dust can build up around the moving parts and cause the calipers to stick or the shoes to hang up inside the brake drum. 

Brake dust can also get on the wheels and other surfaces under the car, and it can be damaging to the surfaces if it is not removed. When you take your vehicle in for brake service, the tech can clean the brakes with a cleaner designed to remove the dust and grime while lubricating the moving parts of the system at the same time.

In most cases, the brake dust is not hard to remove, but it should be part of the regular brake services on your vehicle. Washing the car regularly can also help control brake dust, and using a good wheel cleaner will help protect them between washes and brake services. 

Brake Replacement 

Inspecting and maintaining the brakes on your car is the best way to monitor the condition of the brake pads and shoes and replace them before they are so worn that they cause damage to other parts of the system. If the pads and shoes wear the friction material off the metal backing plates, the contact between the rotor or drum and the backing plate will cause damage that will require a most expensive repair. 

The brake services tech should monitor the wear on the parts when they service your car and replace the shoes and pads before they can cause damage to the other parts. Typically the shoes and pads are the least expensive parts to replace, so servicing the system to ensure that is all that needs replacing is often the best way to manage the brake service costs on your vehicle.

If your vehicle needs brake services, make sure to contact a local auto shop.