5 Reasons To Use An Enclosed Trailer

When it comes to a trailer for your business, you have a choice between a standard open flatbed style trailer or an enclosed trailer. Often, the enclosed trailer is the best option that will provide the most benefits.

1. Secure

One of the biggest benefits of an enclosed trailer is the increased security. With all of your equipment, tools, and materials inside of a locked-up trailer, the chances for theft are much lower. It's easy for a thief to grab things unseen from a standard open trailer. The trailer is even more secure if it is equipped with a hitch lock since that will prevent a would-be thief from making off with the trailer and its contents. 

2. Customizable

The inside of a trailer can be fully customized to your needs, thus allowing the trailer to double as a portable workshop. There are options for adding storage racks and benches inside the trailer, or you can have a workbench with included electrical outlets put in. There are even climate control options, which means you can work inside your trailer no matter what the season brings. 

3. Weather Protection

Weathering can be hard on your tools, so if you normally carry them in an open trailer, you could be drastically shortening their working life. An enclosed trailer protects everything from both UV sun damage as well as damage from wet or icy conditions. Weather can also affect your plans — no one wants to move furniture in an open trailer during a rainstorm, but it's possible to still do so if you have an enclosed trailer on hand.

4. Safety

Hauling items in a truck bed or open trailer can be a safety risk, particularly if the items being hauled are difficult to tie down well. An enclosed trailer ensures you never lose your load or send debris flying into the windshields of the cars behind you. The only requirement for securing your load is closing and latching the trailer doors.

5. Brand Opportunities

For those that use a trailer for their business, an enclosed trailer can double as a moving billboard for your surfaces. The large side and rear panel are perfect for emblazoning with your logo, services, and contact details. You essentially enjoy free advertising each time you use the trailer, as well as when it is parked in a visible area.

Contact an enclosed trailer dealer to learn more about all of the options that are available.