4 Reasons Your Vehicle Is Shaking When Driving

When you are driving down the road, you should feel your vehicle moving smoothly. You shouldn't feel vibrations in your wheel as you are driving. If you feel your vehicle shaking when you are driving, it is essential to get the issue fixed right away.

1. Unbalanced Wheels

You may start to feel your vehicle and steering wheel vibrate as you speed up. This can happen when your wheels are out of balance. You need your wheels to have the same weight, and that doesn't always naturally happen. To compensate for that, a technician will place weights on the wheels in the right spot to balance the weight and spin of the wheel. Things such as potholes and bumpy roads can cause your wheels to get out of balance.

2. Tire Issues

Second, your vehicle may start to shake when you hit higher speeds due to issues with your tires. Your car may not respond as you expect when you have low tire pressure or when you have lugs that have not been appropriately torqued. Or you could have uneven tire wear, which will impact the handling of your vehicle.

3. Damaged Axle

Your tires and wheels are attached to the axle. Your axle contains multiple parts, such as the rubber boots and CV joints, that can get damaged during events such as hitting a pothole, hitting a curb, or getting into a minor accident. This is a large and important part, and if it gets damaged, you will feel the impact when you drive via vibrations in your steering wheel, especially as you start to drive faster and wheels start to spin.

4. Steering Parts

Next, you could have an issue with a steering component. A steering component is one of the parts that allow your steering wheel to turn from one direction to another smoothly. Usually, with damaged steering components, the first sign isn't going to be shaking in your steering wheel. First, you will need to turn the wheel more to get the same response as you did before. That will happen for a while, and if not addressed, eventually, you may notice some shaking in your steering wheel.

If your vehicle is shaking when you start to drive fast, you will want to get your vehicle inspected by a mechanic right away. Your tires may be worn out, your wheels may be unbalanced, or you may have a damaged axle or damaged steering components. The point is that something is wrong that needs to be fixed, and you will want to take your vehicle to the service department right away.

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