Oh Hail! Why You Need to Repair Hail Damage to Your Car Right Away

If your car has been through a hailstorm and it's now covered in hundreds of tiny dents, you need to have the damage taken care of as quickly as possible. If you're worried about the cost, your comprehensive insurance coverage will cover the cost of repairs, which means you'll only need to worry about the deductible. If you're thinking about ignoring the dents, you should think again. Ignoring the dents can leave you facing bigger problems later. Here are four of the many reasons why you need to repair the hail damage to your car.

Ensure Paint Protection

It might not look like it now, but those dents left behind by the hailstorm may end up destroying your paint, especially if you don't have the damage repaired. Hail dents can cause the paint to separate from the car. Over time, the paint will begin to peel away, leaving exposed metal underneath, which will eventually rust. Not only that, but as more of the paint lifts and peels, the area of damage will expand, leaving you with costlier repairs. Ensure proper paint and car protection by having hail damage repaired immediately.

Keep Your Lender Happy

If you haven't paid off your car yet and you still have a lien holder, you need to have hail damage repaired in a timely manner. While you're paying your car off, your lender will require that you keep your car in good condition, inside and out. To avoid issues with your lender, you need to keep on top of the hail damage repairs.

Protect Your Resell Value

If you plan to trade your car in or sell it to a private party, hail damage needs to be repaired immediately. One small dent won't affect the resale value of your car too much, but hundreds of dents across the entire surface of your car sure will. In fact, you may find it impossible to sell or trade your car when it's covered in hail dents. Protect the resale value of your car by taking care of the hail damage as soon as it occurs.

Maintain the Appearance

If your car is covered in hail dents, it doesn't matter how often you wash and detail it. Your car still won't look its best. That's why you need to get rid of the dents as soon as you can. Having hail damage repaired as quickly as possible will help you maintain the appearance of your car.

Reach out to an auto hail damage repair service today.