4 Signs You Need to Replace Your Steering Rack

Your car's steering rack is the part of the vehicle that connects the steering wheel to the various joints that translate the movement of your wheel into the movement of the tires. A damaged or malfunctioning steering rack, therefore, can pose a serious safety risk for both you and your vehicle, as it greatly limits the amount of overall control that you have while driving. Understanding the signs associated with a faulty or worn steering rack can help you head to local auto repair centers like Quiet Masters Mufflers to have it replaced.

Car Pulling and Drifting

One of the clearest warning signs associated with a steering rack that needs to be replaced is if your vehicle experiences drifting or pulling around on the road while you're driving. This can also be caused by poor tire alignment or brakes that are in need of servicing, however, so to determine that your steering rack is to blame, you should look for car drifting in concert with some of the issues listed below.

Vibrations and Shaking

Another warning sign associated with your steering rack that is fairly easy to notice is if your steering wheel begins to vibrate or shake while you are driving at high speeds. This will be distinct from any other vibrations in the rest of your vehicle, and can make it harder for you to control the direction of your vehicle. If this occurs, you should head to a mechanic straight away, and avoid driving at high speeds as much as possible.

Dead Zone

If you notice that your steering wheel seems to be almost non-responsive when you are driving relatively straight (i.e. you have to exaggerate your turning motions to get a response out of your vehicle), your steering rack can be to blame. This dead zone means that minor adjustments to your direction with your steering wheel won't actually translate to motion with your tires, making accidents much more likely. This can also be what contributes to pulling and drifting, as mentioned above.

Difficulty Turning

Finally, if you notice that your steering wheel has become inexplicably difficult to turn, your steering rack may be experiencing issues. Sometimes, this just means you need to replace your power steering fluid, but other times it can point to a leak in your power steering lines themselves, which is a more serious fix, or mechanical damage of the steering rack, which will require full on replacement.