The Modern Car Restoration: 3 Tips For Dealing With Electronics In Nearly Classic Restoration Projects

As the years go by, car restoration projects are becoming more advanced. Some of the cars that are being restored have more electronics and technology than the classic cars of the past. When restoring a nearly-classic car, you are going to run into problems with electrical systems, upgrades, and improvements that need to be done. Here are some tips that will help you deal with the electrical systems of your nearly-classic auto restoration project:

Inspecting Wiring and Replacing Damage Wires

After a car has been sitting for years, wires are often damaged. The wiring can be damaged due to animals, cracking, and shorts. When you are inspecting the wires of your car, look for obvious signs of damage, such as burnt or black insulation. Replace any wires that are damaged or have severe wear. In addition, you may want to consider installing heat shield wire covers over any wires that are close to the engine, exhaust, or transmission. Heat shields will protect wires from burning and causing shorts.

Upgrade Outdated Wiring Harness with An Aftermarket Replacement

If the car you are restoring is decades old, car technology has had a lot of advancements since it was built. What does this mean for the electronics of your car? It means that the wiring harness is probably outdated and should be replaced. When replacing the wiring harness, consider aftermarket products that have improved performance and features like extra connections for modern upgrades.

Install Modern Computer Electronics and Add a Tuning Chip for Performance Monitoring

In addition to outdated wiring, the control modules in your car are also going to be outdated. When replacing a wiring harness, you will also want to look for new control modules. For an automatic transmission, there is also the control unit that may need replacing. Updating the control unit for the transmission will help give you better performance and options like traction control and additional sensors. For the transmission upgrades, it is best to talk with a transmission repair service about the best options for the electronics of your transmission. In addition, a tuning computer chip is a good investment for information about the performance of your car. These chips can even be connected to a modern digital dash display to give your real time data. 

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