Beat The Heat In Your Car When The AC Is Broken

Is your car's air conditioning kaput? This can make traveling in summer or warm weather uncomfortable, if not miserable! There are a few ways that can cool down your hot car while you decide what to do about the car's air conditioning, which may make your daily commute a bit cooler.

Some ways to stay cool in a hot car include these tips:

Time your trips. Time your trips and try to travel during cooler times of the day, early morning and after-dark if possible. Also, avoid times that are known for high-traffic that could leave you sitting in a hot car waiting for traffic.

Keep a wet-head. After you shower or wash your hair, don't dry your hair before you leave home. Open a window or two, and your damp hair will keep you feeling much cooler while drying naturally on your way to work, school, or other destination. Make sure to bring a comb and hair product to tame-down your tresses when you arrive!

Use a cool cloth. Spread a wet rag over the vent in the console. The circulating air coming from the vents will feel cooler and more comfortable, particularly if you use an icy-cold cloth.

Bring some ice. Keep a shallow pan of ice near the floorboards of your car. The circulating air will be cooled a few degrees with the ice in such close-quarters. Replace the ice as it melts, and line the floor with plastic or a towel if you are afraid of water spillage while driving.

Add window-tint. Add reflective window tint to the glass of your car, usually found in a self-stick variety at auto supply stores. This tint will keep the sun from turning your car into an oven during sunny or warm weather.

Go portable. Consider investing in a portable air conditioning unit that plugs into the auto's 12-volt lighter in the console of your vehicle. Look for these online or in auto supply retailers.

Get it fixed! What are you waiting for? Get the air-conditioning fixed! Ask a mechanic to address the air conditioning issue and fix the compressor or whatever is causing the issue.

Don't suffer sitting in traffic without air conditioning; use these tips to keep cool when the AC isn't doing its job. Talk with mechanics and auto technicians about fixing and recharging your car's air conditioning as soon as possible, and prevent the heat from interfering with your daily commute. 

Contact a company that can fix your broken compressor for more information and assistance.