Performance Tuning A Car: What's Involved

So, you want to "supe up" your car's engine? Most people who dig race cars and car racing do. As part of this type of upgrade, you need to do some performance tuning. Here is what is involved.

Turbo-Charge the Combustion

The difference between your engine and a turbo engine is that a turbo engine burns fuel higher and hotter. You do not need a full-on turbo engine. You just need to modify the combustion process to get your engine to burn like a turbo. 

Accelerate the Coolant

Performance engines that you see in racing all have this one very important feature in common. They keep the engines cool by accelerating the coolant to the engine's chambers. With the addition of a special pump, your engine can do that too. 

Put More Spark in Your Spark Plugs

Spark plugs can emit anywhere from forty thousand to one hundred thousand volts. While it is a common assumption that more volts equals more power, you also have to take into consideration the make and model of car that you are modifying, as well as how hot or cold the spark plug insulator type can get. Make sure you know the volt range for your vehicle, and check an owner's manual for volt range for modified vehicles of the same make and model.

Maximize the Performance in Your Tires

Tires are huge in racing. If you are not using performance tires, they will blow. If they blow, you could end up in pieces all over the track, the road, off-road, etc. Buy the best high-performance wheels and tires you can afford. Then switch out the tires you have for the high-performance ones.

Increase Exhaust Output

Exhaust removes from your engine the carbon particles that could gum it up. The standard exhaust is fine, if you are only using the vehicle as a family car, but you want serious performance out of your beast. Double your exhaust output (and maybe even double your exhaust chambers) to help the engine perform even better.

Add a Cold Air Intake 

There are many cars that do not have a cold air intake, just because they generally do not need them. Performance cars have them because they are expected to do more than just drive the family to the grocery store. As you continue to modify your vehicle, make sure you add a cold air intake. It helps keep the engine much cooler at much higher speeds.