3 Warning Signs Your Car's Water Pump Is Failing

If you have noticed that your car is starting to run hot, you may wonder what could be causing it. If so, look for the following three warning signs that your car's water pump is starting to fail.

Coolant Leaking from the Center Front of Your Car

If your water pump has a crack in the casing or a broken seal, your car will start leaking coolant. At first, the leak may consist of nothing more than a few drops. However, as the problem worsens, the leak can become constant. Eventually, the pump may start spraying coolant out onto your engine.

To check for a coolant leak, look under the front center of your car. If you see drops under your car, open the hood, and check the radiator first for signs of leaking. If the radiator is intact, the issue is likely the water pump, especially if you notice one or both of the other two warning signs.

Screeching Noise When You Accelerate

Along with dripping coolant, you may start noticing a high-pitch screeching sound coming from the front of your car. Whenever you step on the gas to accelerate the vehicle, this noise becomes louder.

When a water pump is failing, it is no longer able to fully turn the belt pully at the speeds it is supposed to. As a result, the pump's belt starts slipping, creating the noise. This sound can also be caused by a loose belt, so you should have a mechanic look at your car to let you know which issue is the cause.

Engine Temperatures Fluctuate Erratically

Another warning sign that your car's water pump is breaking down is your engine's temperature. You may notice erratic temperature fluctuations while you are driving down the road.

One minute, the temperature may read morning. However, within a few minutes, the gauge may read in the red zone, indicating that the engine is too hot.

This overheating may occur even if you still have coolant in your radiator. If the water pump is no longer working properly, it is unable to push enough coolant to keep your motor cool. If left unrepaired, you may find that you cannot drive more than a mile or two without having your engine overheat.

If you notice one or more of the following signs of a water pump failure, you should have your car looked at as soon as possible. You may want to take the vehicle to a general auto repair service to have them diagnose the issue and discuss suggestions for fixing it.

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