3 Signs Your Diesel Engine Needs A Checkup

There are lots of perks to driving a diesel engine vehicle. You get greater horsepower for hauling, often better gas mileage in both cars and trucks, and your engine can have many miles placed on it before it needs to be replaced. Your diesel engine will let you know when it's ready for a checkup or tuneup, such as cleaning the valves, putting in fresh oil and fluids, and more. Here are 3 signs you should get your vehicle into a mechanic shop for some maintenance.

Lots of smoke

One of the main features of a diesel engine is the ability to blast out smoke when revving the engine, but too much smoke can be a sign of engine issues. Way black smoke can be its own indicator that your engine has issues with its filters, white smoke can mean problems with the ignition, and blue smoke is often a sign that you need piston rings or valves replaced. Your auto technician can diagnose what is causing your vehicle to emit more smoke than usual and repair these issues for you.

Fuel filter issues

If you find yourself constantly replacing the fuel filters or have issues starting your vehicle when you know the tank is full, then you should see a mechanic to find out if your fuel lines are clogged. The cause of clogged filters is typically the fuel you put in your vehicle- if it is tainted, such as with farm fuel, then you may be wearing your engine down slowly and should consider upgrading to a higher-quality diesel supplier. Your auto mechanic can replace your fuel filters and clean out your lines to give you a fresh start- literally.

Power issues

You rely on the heavy horsepower your engine supplies you, but if you feel like your automobile is acting more sluggish than usual, there may be a few issues to look at. Your turbo, air filter, or muffler may be clogged, your thermostat may be broken (causing your engine to not heat up enough), or you may even have carbon building up in your valves. Since there are a number of small to complex reasons for your vehicle's poor performance, it's best to troubleshoot your issues with an auto mechanic by getting a tune-up.

Make sure you have reliable transportation for a few days while you allow your mechanic time to work on your vehicle. With regular maintenance you can enjoy your diesel engine for many more miles.