How Not To Drive To Protect Your Transmission

When it comes to a vehicle, few systems are quite as important as the transmission. Don't believe it? Find yourself with a failed transmission and see just how far you get – likely nowhere. Make sure you are not increasing the risk of your transmission failing by avoiding these common transmission-killing mistakes.

Constantly Driving In Traffic

If you live in a large metropolitan area, avoiding traffic might be a fairy-tale. However, if there is a way you can avoid the bulk of traffic from time to time, make sure you're doing so. Constantly driving in traffic is bad for your transmission, especially if you have a manual system.

This type of driving causes you to shift gears almost constantly with the stop and go movement, which can quickly put extra wear on the shift gear. In addition to avoiding the traffic, always keep extra space between the vehicle in front of you so that you don't have to stop as much, preventing you from having to shift as often.

Parking On A Hill

Whenever possible, try to avoid parking on a hill. Yes, when you're parked in this manner, the parking brake is doing all the work. However, in terms of your transmission the problem is pressure. When you're parked in this inclined position, much of the weight from your vehicle will be resting on the transmission.

If you frequently park on a hill and for long periods, this can translate into excessive wear. Excessive wear that can cause it to fail prematurely. While occasionally parking on a hill won't signal the end, it is wise to make this an infrequent habit.

Performing Hard Stops

Sometimes, the actions of the drivers in front of you make performing a hard stop a necessity. However, it's best to avoid this practice. Hard stops aren't only risky for your brakes, but they can also cause damage to your transmission mounts, charged with keeping the transmission stationary and secure.

If a mount loosens, this allows the transmission to shift. Even a slight movement is enough to cause significant damage. Keep space between the vehicles you are following behind and always keep your eyes on the road so that you can gradually react, instead of having to perform a hard stop.

Your vehicle isn't just a mode of transportation, but it is also an investment. An investment you want to protect. Do your part by protecting your transmission and keeping your vehicle in good condition, longer. For more information, contact companies like Interstate Transmission & Automotive.