When Your Car Is Acting Strange: Problems That Could Indicate Transmission Trouble

If your car is suddenly making noises when you drive it down the road or you notice that your car is struggling to get into gear, this can mean your transmission is having trouble. While you should be able to expect close to 100,000 miles out of your transmission with routine maintenance, there are times when a transmission begins to have problems as early as 30,000 miles. Cars that are older usually have more trouble with transmissions than new cars, but if your car has a defective transmission, you can have issues early. When your car isn't speeding up as it should, or you can't shift easily into reverse, you will need to have your car inspected by a professional to see what is wrong.

When Your Car Is Slow to Engage

A clear sign of transmission trouble is when you have your car in park and you put it in drive and your car doesn't go forward for a second or two. This is known as delayed engagement, and this is usually a problem with your transmission. This can occur when your car is trying to shift gears on the highway or when you are trying to put your car in reverse to back up. Eventually, your car will be completely unable to shift, and you could get stuck with a broken-down car you can't get into gear.

When Your Car Makes Grinding Noises

If your car is speeding up and you hear grinding noises, this is also a sign of transmission problems. As the car picks up speed, it will struggle to stay in gear if the transmission is failing. Your car might shake, or you may even smell a burning smell. These are all indications that you need to bring your car in for repair.

You may also notice that your car is leaking fluid, which could be transmission fluid. The transmission fluid allows the transmission to remain cool as it gets your car into the right gear. When the lubrication is missing, your transmission is going to fail more quickly. If your transmission fluid light goes on, it is important to go and have your car checked immediately. Ignoring the issue is going to lead to bigger problems. While your car may be acting strange for other reasons besides your transmission, it is always beneficial to have your car serviced so that the problem doesn't get worse. Contact a company like Shift Rite Transmission & Auto to learn more.