Three Ways Not To Clean Your Auto Glass

Your car is more than just a means of transportation. It is also an investment. Quite naturally, you want to keep your car clean. Don't let your good intentions lead to a bad outcome, particularly when it comes to cleaning your widows. There are a number of mistakes you can make during this process that can actually damage your windows. Make sure you know what not to do.


When wiping your windows down, a towel is one of the first things you reach for. If you have used the towel to wipe down other parts of your vehicle, don't put it on your glass. Towels can absorb a number of different chemicals. If the towel is not clean, you're only transferring these chemicals to the glass.

Depending on what it is, this can etch the glass or cause it to become cloudy, which raises serious safety concerns when driving. If you must use a towel, ensure it is a clean towel and that it is made with a micro-fiber material.

Ammonia Based Cleaners

It's best to avoid ammonia based cleaners, which is commonly included with most glass cleaning solutions. All glass is not exactly the same. Using these types of solutions on auto glass can cause streaking, which is also a concern when it comes to road safety.

Ammonia based cleaners also create an issue if you have your windows tinted as this harsh chemical can actually strip the tint, causing it to peel away. Look for a natural based cleaner to clean your glass instead.


Whatever you do, don't pick up a sponge to clean your glass. This is true even if the sponge is clean or even brand new. Sponges are primarily made for scrubbing, which is not what you want to do with auto glass. When you scrub the glass, you increase the risk of scratching the glass, which can cause permanent damage.

The level of damage only increases if you are using sponges over an extended period of time. Scratches lower the integrity of your glass and make it more susceptible to chipping and cracking.

Always use care when cleaning your windows. In the event you do damage your vehicle's glass during the cleaning process, make sure you take your vehicle to a repair technician. Glass concerns are generally progressive, meaning they can quickly get worse over time.

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